What is the NWRC?

The National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC) (also called WRC or Work Readiness Credential) is the first national, portable, certification of work readiness. It is based on the nationally validated Equipped For the Future (EFF) applied learning standards and business consensus on what work readiness means. The acquisition of a Work Readiness Credential is a good predictor of how successful potential employees may be on the job. The NWRC is a skill based assessment in the areas of Math, Reading, Active Listening & Situational Judgment that address employer’s needs. We also discuss and practice interview skills, follow-up calls, and creating professional resumes to give you a step-up over the competition!

The curriculum is used to help participants gain employment, or improve their current position, and learn skills about understanding the work dynamic via instruction, classroom discussions and role-playing. We provide insights into the logic behind online applications and employer needs. This curriculum focuses on behaviors necessary to getting and keeping a job. These recently published books reflect our current economy and the process in which we apply for employment. The Workskills Book series was developed for the preparation of the National Work Readiness Credential and can stand-alone as courseware.

The credential includes contextualized materials which is the key to both GED and workplace success. This program is flexible and can be given in as short as a two week period. In order to earn the credential, students mast complete and pass all four modules of the 3.5 hour on-line examination, which covers each of the workbook subjects; Math, Reading, Active Listening & Situational Judgment.

Increase your awareness of yourself, your employer, your attitude and land yourself a job. We teach responsibility, integrity, and motivation. By modeling positive behaviors, NWRC students become the, “Go to Person,” in any organization. These are the people employers want to hire!

Additional information is available at http://www.workreadiness.com/ 


Classes Forming Now!

Classes forming for groups or organizations with 10 to 20 students.

Personalized class schedules available.

Classes taught at our location or yours!

Credential examination completed at Career Horizon Services, a certified testing site.

The credential examination is a 3.5 hour on-line examination, which consists of four modules; Situational Judgment, Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, and Math.

Tuition: $300.00 per person for 40-hour course, materials, and credentialing.

Lost workbooks must be replaced at a cost of $20.00 per workbook (three workbooks total).

Retest fees are $20.00 per module (four modules must be passed to receive the National Work Readiness Credential.)

Contact Career Horizon Services for additional information or to register for classes.      (719) 423-1800